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Best General Medicine Doctor in Chennai

General Medicine Doctor in Chennai
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A general medicine doctor is a medical professional who is also known as a general practitioner. A best general medicine doctor in Chennai trained in a wide range of healthcare procedures and practices. At Hande Hospital our doctors have the ability to provide competent medical care to a wide range of people.

Our doctors here possess enough knowledge of treating various health issues and treatments by assessing the basic needs of our patients and we have also provided effective care in many situations with specialized treatments using our cutting-edge treatments.

The best general medicine doctor in Chennai

There are many general medicine doctors in Chennai but Hande Hospital has the leading general practitioners who are experts in the field of general medicine. Some of them include:

Dr. Ramanathan

Dr. Ramanathan is currently associated with Hande Hospital as the best general medicine doctor in Chennai with vast experience in the field. He is an expert in clarifying doubts and talks to the point of view of his patients in a warm and friendly manner.

He is much appreciated by his patients for listening carefully to them and giving accurate medication. His diligence and dedication show his genuine interest in handling his patients who approach him for any general treatment.

Prof. Dr. R. Kannan

Prof. Dr. R. Kannan has been the best general medicine doctor in Chennai working at Hande Hospital at present. He is an expert in treating patients with extensive care by focussing mainly on advanced diabetes care and comorbidities.

He is well-known for his involvement, respect, and willingness to help the patients who approach him for appropriate treatment. He ensures to analyze the conditions of the patients by counseling them and handling them with the modern techniques to make them restore to their normal lifestyle.

Dr. D. Jayasudha

Dr. D. Jayasudha is working as a general medicine consultant in Hande Hospital. This best general medicine doctor in Chennai has gained proficient skills and knowledge in the segments to handle patients with comprehensive care.

She makes sure to treat the patients with compassion and care by listening to their problems or issues and advises them to follow certain medications for getting better with a proper treatment plan.

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What does the best general medical doctor in Chennai focus on?

The focus of the best general medicine doctor in Chennai is to provide basic health care to all patients from young to old. They conduct physical examinations on a regular basis, treat minor illnesses, and provide care in the event of common injuries.

We often utilize a number of different techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to help alleviate pain and promote healing, providing prescriptions for medication, assisting patients in designing proper diet and exercise plans, to make them live a more equitable quality of life during convalescence or in the management of a long-term disease such a diabetes.

What can you expect at Hande Hospital?

You get comprehensive treatment at Hande Hospital as our best general medicine doctor in Chennai assists the patients in handling the following methods by

  • Assessing your health
  • Discussing your medical history and symptoms
  • Providing diagnostic tests
  • Developing a treatment plan
  • Advising you about ongoing lifestyle changes
  • Giving you thorough information about your condition and treatment
  • Prescribing medication 
  • Referring you to a specialist or arrange a follow-up appointment 

At Hande Hospital, the best general medicine doctor is highly instrumental in the early detection of health conditions as well as preventative medicine. They help you benefit your health and peace of mind by treating chronic conditions, health issues, and acute short-term conditions. 

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