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Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Chennai

Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Chennai
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Knee replacement is a surgical procedure to help you relieve pain and get back to the normal function of a diseased knee of a patient. Hande hospital, among the best knee replacement hospital in Chennai, helps you to overcome pain by replacing the knee with a prosthesis based on your knee’s stability, strength and range of motion. The advanced surgical techniques adopted by orthopaedic surgeons help you in normal function.

Signs and symptoms 

You have to consult the best knee replacement hospital in Chennai if you face any of the symptoms that include,

  • Severe knee pain or stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Chronic knee inflammation
  • Knee deformity
  • Failure to respond to medications

Top 5 Knee Replacement Hospitals in Chennai

These are the assured and best knee replacement hospitals in Chennai with good facilities for knee replacements. 

  1. Hande Hospitals
  2. Apollo Hospitals
  3. Gleneagles Global Hospitals
  4. Fortis Hospital
  5. SIMS Hospital

Hande Hospital

Hande Hospital is an exceptional and best knee replacement hospital in Chennai which enhances the great track record of success rate to have handled millions of patients who have severe knee pain starting from young to old, and patients having moderate to high pain or severely injured knee. The physicians here repair and deal with all kinds of knee replacement procedures in a full spectrum.

The modalities are accessible with endearing testimonies that would comfort any sort of patient. The patients are given intense attention with sophisticated care with a highly qualified team of specialists and staff. They offer valuable services for everyone who has knee-related or mobility issues.

The experienced staff here are fully dedicated to providing the patients with comprehensive treatment using cutting-edge technologies and non-surgical rehabilitation respectively.

Knee Replacement Hospital in Chennai

Video: Total knee replacement surgery performed at Hande hospital

Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals is the best knee replacement hospital in Chennai which can be highly trusted for quality. This hospital provides several kinds of advanced treatments for normal to surgical treatments with reconstructive techniques. The major knee replacement procedures are conducted in this hospital with a 100% success rate.

The medical team here comprises highly educated and talented physicians along with staff members. They have more options to perform the most innovative treatments by using the most delicate knee surgeries. They use state-of-the-art medical instruments with extensively experienced surgeons along with the team.

Gleneagles Global Hospitals

Gleneagles Global Hospitals is a centre of excellence for being the best knee replacement hospital in Chennai to treat patients with any kind of knee-related problems. This hospital provides new measures with modern technology to support multiple treatment options for knee disorders or problems.

They provide various kinds of treatments with a team of highly efficient doctors. Total and partial knee replacement and other kinds of knee replacement surgeries are carried out here. The different kinds of non-surgical rehabilitation alternatives here highly attract the patients here.

Fortis Hospitals

Fortis Hospitals is the best knee replacement hospital in Chennai where patients from different parts of the country visit here for knee fractures, severe knee pain, and failed surgeries. The patients have benefitted from the skilled experts here.

At the Fortis Hospitals, the specialists understand the issues related to your knee or joints and use their broad experience in this speciality by treating with the latest tools to precisely diagnose and treat the knee conditions or injuries to restore the patients to normal lives, with more comfortability and flexibility.

SIMS Hospital

SIMS hospital is located in the centre of Chennai and is popularly known as the best knee replacement hospital in Chennai. The pioneers in the field of orthopaedics are equipped with physicians who possess the skill and knowledge to handle all the surgical and non-surgical aids in the field.

They have an interdisciplinary team to diagnose, treat, prevent, knee concerns and conditions. The hospital includes world-class facilities and advanced equipment to provide the best possible knee care with a commitment to care for its patients to make sure they get better treatments.

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