Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Chennai

Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Chennai

In recent times, most people go for laparoscopic surgery over traditional open surgery. The reason is that it requires shorter length of hospital stay, speedy recovery, less pain, reduced scarring, minimal tissue trauma and bleeding.

Besides that, the laparoscopic surgery in Chennai is performed by the expert laparoscopic surgeons with great precision offering quality services and utmost care at reasonable laparoscopic surgery cost in Chennai.

We at Hande hospital usually perform the laparoscopic surgeries with all advanced technology in an excellent infrastructure. The department of laparoscopy specializes in performing all varieties of major surgeries involving skin, breast, soft tissues, abdomen, breast and hernia.

The best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai uses this minimally invasive or key-hole surgical techniques to perform surgical treatments widely in the fields like gynaecology, gastroenterology and urology.

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure which has low risk. It only necessitates a few minor cuts but is also used to examine the abdominal organs. A laparoscope is a long, thin tube which has a front-mounted high-intensity light and a high-resolution image.

The best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai uses an instrument which is usually inserted into the abdominal wall of the patient through an incision. The camera will capture and send pictures to a video display as it goes along.

Small incisions or cuts are used for laparoscopic surgery. The laparoscopic procedure is visualised on a TV monitor with a telescope having a video camera. The best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai will insert the laparoscope through one incision. Surgical instruments are then moved through one or more small incisions, where the entire procedure is completed inside the patient’s body. 

Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Chennai

How is Laparoscopy Performed?

In most cases, laparoscopy is performed as an outpatient surgical procedure. This means the patient need not be required to stay in the hospital for long and they can also leave the hospital on the very same day.  For this form of surgery, the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai will provide treatment to the patients by granting them with general anaesthesia.

This does not cause any discomfort or pain throughout the operation. An intravenous (IV) line will be inserted into one of the veins to obtain general anaesthesia. The anaesthesiologist will administer special medications along with the fluids to help the patients to stay hydrated.

The best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai will then make an incision below the belly button and insert a thin tube (cannula) during laparoscopy. This instrument is used to inject carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen in order to see the abdominal organs more clearly. The surgeon will remove the laparoscope from the incision after the belly has been inflated.

The camera which is attached to the laparoscope displays clear pictures on a monitor, allowing the patient and surgeon to see the organs in real time. After the procedure. the instruments will be removed, stitches or surgical tape are used to seal the cuts or incisions and bandages will be applied over the incisions. 

Why is Laparoscopy Performed?

Mostly, laparoscopic procedures are used to diagnose the source of abdominal or pelvic pain. When non-invasive approaches fail to aid with diagnosis, this highly effective procedure is commonly used specially to remove a diseased or damaged organs or removing a tissue sample for biopsy (further testing).

Laparoscopy is recommended to examine the following organs: The appendix, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, small intestine, and large intestine are all parts of the digestive system (colon) along with the organs of the spleen, liver, pelvis, or reproductive organs. Your best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai will detect a wide range of conditions by using a laparoscope to examine these areas.

Who is a Laparoscopic Surgeon?

A laparoscopic surgeon is a doctor who utilizes several latest medical tools, cameras, and lights for performing the respective laparoscopic surgeries. This makes sure that the access into the body occurs by tiny cuts, thus causing less damage to the body but saves a lot of time leading to faster recovery process for the patients.

At Hande Hospital, the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai diagnoses and treats the following medical conditions that include:

Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Chennai

Hande Hospital is one of the few hospitals which is specialised in addressing various ailments relating to the gastroenterological, gynaecological and urological disorders. This hospital is equipped with the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai who has brought about relief in multitudes using cutting-edge treatments. 

You can find integrated care, effective cure and empathetic guidance offered to the patients for a rapid recovery besides making them regain good health. Some of the best laparoscopic surgeon here include:

Dr. Krishna Hande (MS (General Surgery), FRCS, MCH(Plastic), FMMC))

Dr. Krishna Hande is a renowned and the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai. His specialisation is providing comprehensive surgical procedures for thyroid disorders and breast issues. He ensures to treat the patients by performing laparoscopic surgeries especially for removal of appendix (Appendicectomy), gallbladder stones (Cholecystectomy), uterus (Hysterectomy).

His cutting-edge treatments have made many patients to seek his medical care as he is so much concerned to handle the patients with utmost care. Moreover, he is well-versed in plastic and cosmetic surgery besides handling laparoscopic surgery in Chennai

Dr. Krishna Hande

Dr. D. Jothi Basu (MS (General Surgery), FMAS)

Dr. D. Jothi Basu is considered to be the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai. He has gained proficient skills in treating patients with Thyroidectomy and Piles surgery. He along with his team has performed more primary and complex surgeries. Also, he ensures to treat them with compassion and care by interacting with the patients in clarifying their doubts and queries relating to their disorders and providing treatment options to overcome their health issues.

Dr. D. Jothi Basu

Dr. Sasi Kumar. P (MBBS, MS (General Surgery), DNB (General Surgery))

Dr. Sasi Kumar. P is an expert general surgeon doctor who is associated with the Hande Hospital. His vast area of expertise in being the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai aids the patients to get the best treatment. He along with his supportive medical team are specialized in minor surgery, colonoscopy, sclerotherapy, etc.

Also, he is much appreciated for his patience in clarifying the doubts to help the patients in understanding the treatment procedures that best suit their needs.

Dr. S. Saravanan (MS, DNB, DMAS (Fr),MRCS (Ed), FMAS, FIAGES)

Dr. S. Saravanan has years of experience in handling the patients who require laparoscopy surgery in Chennai. He is an expert in advanced laparoscopic surgery and colorectal and hernia surgery. This well-known and the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai has also performed all types of gall bladder surgery, endoscopy, colonoscopy, lap. Fundoplication, Achalasia cardia and upper GI surgeries to help the patients restore to their normal activities and make them lead a healthy lifestyle.


If you or your loved ones really wish to get the best quality treatment  with the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai or want to undergo any laparoscopic surgery with a reasonable laparoscopic surgery cost in Chennai, Hande Hospital would be the best choice because this laparoscopy hospital increases the chances of success rate and improves the overall health of a well-being.

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