Top 10 Pulmonologist in Chennai

Best Pulmonologist in Chennai

Pulmonology is a department of medical science that treats diseases involving the respiratory tract. Due to the rampant rise of air pollution in our country, diseases related to the lungs have drastically increased. There is a saying prevention is better than cure, so surely one should try to avoid exposure to pollution. Sometimes these problems may arise due to genetics as well.

Pulmonologists in Chennai are always there to save you. Here is a full-fledged list of the best pulmonologists in Chennai.

Dr. V. Arun Babu

Dr. V. Arun Babu holds a degree in MD and is the best pulmonologist in Chennai working at Hande Hospital. He is experienced enough in the fields of medicine related to Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases. He is a versatile doctor with vast knowledge in diagnosing and treating lung-related health conditions.

Being an acclaimed best pulmonologist doctor in Chennai, he has served his patients dedicatedly and effortlessly to those who are coming here to Hande Hospital for treating various lung-related health issues like Aspergillosis, Asthma, and Bronchitis. If you need to meet him then you can meet during Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm.

Dr. Ilangho R P 

Dr. Ilangho R P is a renowned & best pulmonologist in Chennai. Working as a senior consultant in respiratory medicine at Apollo Hospital. He is a multi-talented person holding numerous degrees like   MBBS, MD, FRCP (Glasgow), and DTRD.

He has earned 30 years of experience in this field. Being a noble personality, he is a part of many prestigious institutes like the Global Advisory Board of Disease Management. Giving effective and better treatment for any lung-related health conditions is his vision. Meeting time Mon to Sat 12:00 Pm- 6:00 pm.

Best Pulmonologist in Chennai | Hande Hospital

Dr. Prasanna Kumar Thomas 

Dr. Thomas is one of the best pulmonologist in Chennai supporting as a consultant- pulmonology in Fortis Malar Hospital. He has achieved many degrees such as  MBBS, DTCD, and MD tuberculosis and chest disease from Madras Medical College & also completed FCCP from the American college of chest Physicians, USA. Earned 31 years of experience in this field. 

His main motto is serving ‘mankind is serving god’ living with this motto he serves his patient by giving them cost-affordable treatment solutions for lung-related health conditions. Meeting times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:00 Pm onwards to 5:00 pm.

Dr. A. S. Natarajan

He is the best pulmonologist in Chennai, paving his effort to be a senior consultant pulmonology at Vijaya Health Care, Chennai. Achieved 31 years of experience in this field. He is a down-to-earth and knowledgeable man serving his patients very carefully when it comes to any serious issues of respiratory-related diseases. He holds degrees in MBBS, MD in TB and Chest Diseases, DCH and DTCD.

Currently serving his service at Vijaya Health Care Vadapalani. Meeting time Monday to Saturday 10:00 Pm to 1:00 Pm; Again 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Dr. V. Gangadharan 

Dr. Gangadharan is a consultant in pulmonology at VeeCare Hospital, Anna Nagar. He holds degrees in MBBS, MD, and DTCD. He has gained much esteem and is noted to be a praised and worthy best pulmonologist in Chennai. He has maintained his dignity and reputation throughout his 16 years of experience.

He always gives his patients his undivided attention, so that they can be cured 100%. The meeting time is at VeeCare Hospital, Anna Nagar; Monday and Thursday 5:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm. 

Dr. Ragulan 

Dr. Ragulan working as a dedicated pulmonologist at Prashanth Super Specialty Hospital. He has 10 years of experience in treating all lung infections like T.B., pneumonia, etc. He holds degrees in  M.B.B.S., and M.D. (Pulmonary Medicine). He is highly demanded while diagnosing and treating diseases like sleep apnea, snoring, and other sleep disorders. Even also he is great at performing pulmonary function tests. 

Dr. Vengada Krishnaraj

He is one of the finest and best pulmonologist in Chennai. He is currently working in Chest Care Speciality Clinic. He gained 19 years of experience and holds a degree in (DTCD). Being the best doctor in pulmonologist he has done superfluous work when it comes to treating any lung-related health diseases.

All his patients were cured 100% of his effective treatment plan and approach while treating the diseases cost-effectively.  Visiting hours are 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM. 

Dr. Sathish Kumar 

Dr. Sathish Kumar is one of the finest Pulmonologists in Velachery, Chennai. During his 8-year profession, he has made his patients happy by giving them effective treatment solutions. He holds a degree in MD (Pulmonary Medicine). Currently working at Subbu Leela Pulmo Care Clinic in Velachery. Meeting time Mon to Sat to 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM.

Dr. Bindu T 

She has 15 years of experience in this field, working at Xcellent Care Hospital. She holds a degree in MBBS, MD. She is one of the finest pulmonologist doctors who is highly recommended for her dutiful and dedicated working nature for treating lung-related health diseases perfectly. Meeting time Mon, Friday and Saturday.

Dr. Abaranam I 

She is highly experienced and specialized in treating conditions like Asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, lung infections, and respiratory diseases. She holds degrees in MBBS and DTCD. Meeting time Mon, Friday and Saturday.


What are 3 Conditions Treated by a Pulmonologist?

Mostly Pulmonologists in Chennai treat conditions like Asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. But other conditions are also highly treated like lung infections and respiratory diseases by the best pulmonologist in Chennai at Hande Hospital.

Which Hospital is Best for Pulmonology?

Hande Hospital is the best pulmonology hospital having all the latest facilities to treat all lung-related health conditions. Dr. V. Arun Babu is the best pulmonologist in Chennai working at this hospital. 24/7 Available to give effective treatment care for lung infections and respiratory diseases.


This blog is the ultimate guide where you can get to know about the top 10 pulmonologists in Chennai with their meeting time. If you have any issues regarding lung infections and respiratory diseases, you can meet them. Have a glance above.

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