Breast Clinic

Breast Clinic

The breast clinic at Hande Hospitals offers a complete spectrum of services for all breast problems by detecting the cancers at the earliest, using the sophisticated treatments like Breast-Preserving Surgery which highly reduce hospitalization and recovery time. The dedicated team of doctors and surgeons at Hande Hospitals are the best resource for breast services, support, information, and research by considering the well-being of a woman.

With our experts who work collaboratively in different fields, we ensure to give the best care plans which are tailored to each patient’s individual needs using the innovative technology and knowledge, advanced imaging studies, digital mammography, breast–specific MRI & PET Scan.

The method of approach adopted in our breast care clinic is combined with our cutting-edge technology which allows in delivering a higher quality care which in turn make our patients enjoy a higher quality of life with a good confidence that they are fighting their disease with the best possible treatment available here.

What’s breast surgery?

breast surgery is a technique performed on a female or male’s breast(s). There are various kinds of bosom medical procedures. Some are performed for clinical reasons like disease, others for restorative reasons (plastic surgery).

Breast specialist

A Breast specialist is a person who has a specific interest to deal with all kinds of breast issues, such as breast pain, soreness, mastitis (breast infection), unexplained nipple discharge, etc. Generally, they are committed to continually improve the practice of breast surgery to seek excellence in the care of breast cancer patients with advanced surgical techniques for breast clinic.

If a woman notices something unusual or a change in the breasts with symptoms like lumps, discoloration, pain, and spontaneous discharges an immediate doctor’s attention is necessary. Early detection is the key to favourable outcomes for malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) breast issues for breast clinic.

A breast specialist will take your complete family history and enquire about your diet, exercise, and lifestyle, as all can impact breast health. the breast clinic They will look at the results of prior tests; and may order a new diagnostic test if it is required to do so. On the other hand, he/she may conclude that a biopsy is not required at that time, but asks you to have another mammogram in 6 months.

Breast Clinic

High level finding and treatment

Hande Hospital bosom care specialists utilize the most progressive, creative demonstrative and treatment strategies. They are knowledgeable about a wide range of bosom conditions, from normal to uncommon, serious and complex.

Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic breast surgery usually combines the techniques of traditional breast cancer surgery which has the cosmetic advantages of plastic surgery. The major goal is to remove cancer while minimizing the unwanted effects of the Oncoplastic surgery, helping patients to heal both physically and emotionally.

It is performed with a lumpectomy. The breast clinic surgeon will remove the tumour, a small amount of surrounding tissue, possibly along with some of the nearby lymph nodes. Then the plastic surgeon performs a bilateral breast reduction or lift to make the two breasts symmetrical. Breast cancer surgery operation and plastic surgery operation are generally performed one after the other. Women with small breasts or those who have done multiple lumpectomies are not eligible for oncoplastic surgery.

There are many different oncoplastic techniques based on the characteristics of cancer, patient’s health, body, and the desired outcome which include:

Local Advancement Flap – With a traditional lumpectomy, a tumor along with a small portion of the surrounding tissue is removed depending on the size and location of the tumour to deform the breast. This leaves no additional defects or indentations.

Bilateral Breast Reduction – When a lumpectomy is performed in only one breast, it can alter its shape and reduce its size. A bilateral breast reduction alters the size and shape of the other breast as well. By operating on the other breast, a larger amount of tissue can be removed. This is helpful when the tumor is large and additional tissue is required.

Bilateral Breast Lift – A bilateral breast lift, or mastopexy, is more of a minimal form compared to bilateral breast reduction. Rather than removing a large amount of tissue from both breasts with breast clinic, the tissue from the original excision is removed, to help the breasts become more symmetrical.

Skin-Sparing Mastectomy – For patients with advanced stage of breast cancer, a skin-sparing mastectomy can help the patient conserve the look of the breast by removing the skin of the breast, including the nipple and areola. After that the breast tissue is taken out through the same incision, reconstruction of breast takes place with the removed skin, nipple, and areola to preserve the original shape and appearance of the breast.

Dear friend, I am happy to inform you that Dr. Kirti Katherine Kabeer MBBS (Gen Surg), MCh (Breast Oncoplasty Surgery – UK), Fellowship Breast Oncoplasty Surgery (RCS England), Consultant – Breast Specialist and Oncoplasty Surgeon, will be available for consultation at Hande Hospital Shenoynagar from next week (Wednesday and Friday) on a regular basis from 4.30 PM onwards. Kindly call 9841011390 for an appointment. For insurance reimbursement, kindly contact Mr. Gopi +91 98408 34865 who will do the needful.

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