Cosmetic Surgical procedures

Cosmetic Surgical procedures

Cosmetic Surgical procedures will be performed under the entity of HANDE COSMETIC SURGICAL CLINIC. All procedures are performed under aseptic conditions in a Modular Theatre, by qualified experts in the field after performing all necessary investigations.

Gynecomastia correction (Enlarged Male Breast) Correction is performed using a combination of Liposuction and excision. Results are excellent. The procedure is usually conducted for males who are above 18 years.

Hair Transplantation — This is done using the Follicular Unit Transfer (FUE) method where individual hair or units of hair follicles are removed from the back of the head and transferred to the bald area. Approximately 2500 to 4000 hairs are transplanted. Results are usually good and may take a few weeks to be visible.

Liposuction — Stubborn fat in the chest, hips, abdomen, side of thighs etc are removed using Liposuction. Stay in Hospital will be short and results are usually very soon.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) is performed for pendulous abdomen which may occur due to multiple child birth. Along with this procedure a ventral abdominal HERNIA if present may be corrected, along with the divarication of the rectus muscle so that the abdomen becomes flat. The thin scar is well hidden by the panty line after this procedure.

Breast Augmentation and Reduction – In Breast Augmentation a Silicone prosthesis is used to enhance the size of the breast. A cut is made below the fold of the Breast and the prosthesis is implanted under the Breast so that no function of the Breast is disturbed

These are a few of the Surgical procedures, performed routinely. To know more details, kindly call 9841011390.

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