general surgery

General Surgery

General Surgery

At Hande Hospitals, we understand that be it a minor or complex surgery, each patient experiences stress to some level or the other. That is why we have adopted sophisticated methods to heal your body, keep you relaxed and lift up your spirits. 

Our experienced surgeons have the expertise to offer state=of-the-art treatments in surgical care which include open surgeries and minimally invasive surgeries to reduce the hospital stays, recovery time and reduce pain significantly.

We firmly believe that our patients should know what a hospital will charge for their services long before getting their bills. So, we have introduced a surgical package program with assured pricing, to increase the transparency for the treatment that a patient wishes to opt for. This will help not only our patients but also our loved ones to make informed decisions regarding health care.

Pioneer in Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedures

General surgery is a surgical specialty that mainly focuses on extracorporeal organs, abdominal organs, and trauma surgery. The people who work in this field of medicine are formally called general surgeons. It’s a surgical specialty that tends to deal with a broad range of cases.

You can consult the best general surgeons in India at Hande Hospitals for surgeries like plastic and cosmetic surgery, neurological surgery, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and much more. We have an advanced team of highly experienced general surgeons who take an immediate initiative to help people suffering from any kind of injury and other surgical illnesses. We are the best and most trusted hospital in Tamil Nādu for general surgeries because you can get the best consultation and healthcare services at Hande Hospitals.

general surgery

What is the purpose of a general surgery?

Surgery can be categorized for elective or required purposes because it is usually done for a multitude of reasons depending on the conditions of the patients. A patient may have to undergo general surgery for:

  • Exploring the conditions further for the purpose of diagnosis
  • Taking a biopsy of a suspicious lump
  • Removing a diseased tissue or an organ
  • Removing an obstruction
  • Repositioning the structures to their normal position
  • Transplantation of tissue or whole organs
  • Redirecting the channels
  • Implanting mechanical or electronic devices
  • Improving the physical appearance

Depending on the type of diagnosis, below are the types of general surgery a patient has to make on several surgery options.

Optional or elective surgery:

A procedure that a patient chooses to have may have not been essential to continue a good quality of life. The best example of this can be wart removal or removing an unsightly mole, etc.

Required surgery:

A procedure that is much required and which needs to be done to ensure the quality of life in the future. An example of required surgery would be removing the kidney stones when other forms of medication and treatments are not working or do not help you with good results. Required surgery, unlike emergency surgery, is not necessarily required to be done immediately.

Urgent or emergency surgery:

This type of surgery is done mostly in reaction to an urgent medical condition, such as acute appendicitis. Here urgency is must else the patient’s condition would go critical.

It is important for patients to be informed about the pros and cons of the surgery that is being recommended, particularly for elective surgery because you should familiarize yourself thoroughly before deciding whether the procedure is appropriate for you or not. It is better to clarify with your physician if you have trouble understanding an explanation and/or any medical terms. A well-informed patient tends to get more satisfaction with the outcome of a general procedure.

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