Pulmonary Medicine and Asthma Clinic

Pulmonary Medicine and Asthma Clinic

It is important to choose the best Pulmonary Medicine and Asthma Clinic if you have asthma. This means a doctor who understands and treats asthma. These asthma specialists are worth your consideration:

Allergist. A paediatrician or internist trained to become a specialist in allergy and immunology. An allergist is a specialist in allergies, asthma and allergic asthma.

Internist. An internist is a doctor who has had three years of training following medical school.

Paediatrician. This is a doctor with three years of experience in paediatrics after completing medical school. They are trained to care for children from birth through college. A paediatrician is able to diagnose and treat childhood asthma.

Pulmonologist. To become a specialist in the treatment of respiratory diseases, a pulmonologist must have completed two to three more years of training after completing a residency in paediatrics or internal medicine. Some pulmonologists may be eligible for additional board certification in critical care medicine.

Pulmonology is the specialty that deals with diseases of the lungs and the respiratory tract. It is called chest medicine and respiratory medicine in some countries and areas. Physicians specializing in this area are called pulmonologists. These specialists deal with diseases like Asthma, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, etc.

Pulmonary medicine

This is a branch of medicine that treats the causes, diagnoses, and prevention of lung diseases. Our pulmonary, doctors work closely with other specialists and other allied health professionals to deliver the exact care you require.

Our pulmonary medicine team may consult with specialists in critical care, thoracic surgery, sleep medicine, pediatric sleep medicine, lung cancer, radiology, radiation oncology, pathology, ear, nose, throat (otolaryngology), allergy and immunology, neurology, lung transplant, and other areas depending on your needs. This collaboration ensures that your doctor creates a personalized treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your condition and your individual needs.

Our doctors are also rapidly adapting and improving the practice of critical and pulmonary medicine via a network that includes virtual consultations with affiliated institutions around the world.

Pulmonary Medicine and Asthma Clinic

Asthma Clinic In Chennai

Asthma, a chronic inflammatory disorder that affects the airways, is a condition in which your airways narrow down and swell. It also produces extra mucus. This can make breathing difficult, and cause wheezing, coughing, and shortness or breath. We at Hande Hospital provide the best diagnosis lab with all pulmonary function tests


Asthma can present with a variety of symptoms. We can perceive the symptoms of asthma as a constellation of symptoms, including wheezing and coughing.

Asthmatic patients may also experience difficulty breathing, asthmatic hypersensitivity, excessive mucus production, and swelling. As they get used to the symptoms, these symptoms are not alarming for asthmatics. Preventer medication is recommended to reduce underlying swelling and symptoms.

What is asthma?

Asthma, likewise called bronchial asthma, is an illness that influences your lungs. It’s a persistent (progressing) condition, meaning it doesn’t disappear and needs continuous clinical administration.

Tests were done for lungs function

  • Find out the root cause of your breathing problems.
  • Certain lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive or pulmonary disease (COPD) can be diagnosed.
  • Before you perform any surgery, it is important to evaluate the person’s lung function.
  • Examine the function of the lungs in people who are regularly exposed to asbestos, which can cause lung damage.
  • Examine the effectiveness of treatments for lung diseases

What is an asthma attack?

At the point when you inhale typically, muscles around your aviation routes are loose, allowing air to move effectively and unobtrusively. During an asthma attack, three things can occur:

Bronchospasm: The muscles around the aviation routes choke (fix). At the point when they fix, it makes your aviation routes thin. Air can’t stream unreservedly through choked aviation routes.
Inflammation: The covering of your aviation routes becomes enlarged. Enlarged aviation routes don’t let as much air in that frame of mind of your lungs.
Mucus production: During the assault, your body makes more bodily fluid. This thick bodily fluid stops up aviation routes.

Asthma treatment

There are two types of treatments for asthma

  1. Rescuer medications
  2. Preventer medications

Rescuer medications that dilate the tubes in the lungs to provide relief. Although they provide immediate relief, their effects last only 4 to 6 hours.

Preventer medications can help to prevent asthma attacks and improve asthma control. These medications lower inflammation and expand the air tube, which helps reduce symptoms. Preventer medication should be taken as directed by your doctor until they are stopped.

Asthma Clinic In Chennai

Dr. Srinath Dhandapani Dip TB & Chest Disease DNB (Respiratory Medicine) is one of the pulmonologists in Chennai who sees patients in Hande Medical Centre – Nungambakkam between 6 PM and 9 PM. He performs his interventional procedures and also sees inpatients at Hande Hospital – Shenoy Nagar.

At Hande Medical Centre the Pulmonologist or Respiratory Physician is an expert in Interventional pulmonology also. This is a field within pulmonary medicine that deals with the use of procedures such as bronchoscopy to diagnose and treat several pulmonary diseases.

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