Hande Hospital specializes in Rheumatology in Chennai by providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for several kinds of musculoskeletal diseases and systemic autoimmune conditions. Our rheumatologists in this best rheumatology hospital in Chennai are renowned for treating conditions that are highly complex in nature and difficult to diagnose.

We understand that genetics plays a major role when it comes to Rheumatic diseases. Our team provides rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Chennai by conducting thorough examinations regarding the family medical history of the patients and reviewing the results of all prior tests before proceeding with any diagnosis and treatment.

Overview of Best Rheumatology in Chennai

Rheumatology is the study of rheumatism, arthritis and other disorders of the muscles, joints, and ligaments. This particular medical field is a subspecialty of paediatrics and internal medicine in Rheumatology in Chennai. Beyond bones, muscles, and joints, any health issues affecting the internal organs like eyes, skin, brain, blood vessels, nervous system, lungs, kidneys, and any diseases from musculoskeletal to autoimmune conditions fall under this field. 

The best rheumatologist in Chennai takes immediate medical attention to provide the patients with the best of care for any rheumatic diseases and will diagnose, assess and treat these issues related to rheumatic diseases because they are quite complex and may impair the daily routine for the Rheumatology in Chennai.

What are the Causes of Rheumatic Diseases?

Most causes of rheumatic diseases occur when there is an issue in the immune system. According to Rheumatology in Chennai, sometimes, the immune system attacks the natural, healthy tissue causing damage. 

Even the best rheumatologist in Chennai is unsure about the causes of these types of problems, but it is understood that the two main factors: genetic or environmental factors such as infection with bacteria and certain viruses may trigger the disease for Rheumatology in Chennai. There are also gender components to rheumatic diseases, as females are more prone to be affected more than males.

Best Rheumatology in Chennai

What are the Symptoms of Rheumatic Diseases?

The symptoms of rheumatic diseases are many but the most common symptoms in Rheumatology in Chennai include,

You can consult Dr. Ramesh, the best rheumatologist in Chennai at this best rheumatology hospital in Chennai if you come across any of the above symptoms because each type of rheumatic disease under Rheumatology in Chennai has unique symptoms and can affect several parts of your body.

What are the Risk Factors for Developing Rheumatoid Diseases?

Genetic factors and family history of a condition are the major causes creating a higher risk for rheumatic diseases. The other common factors for Rheumatology in Chennai include:

Additionally, having rheumatic conditions like lupus, scleroderma, and rheumatoid arthritis can increase the risk of developing other conditions under Rheumatology in Chennai like vasculitis or Sjogren’s syndrome.

What to Expect When You Have Rheumatic Diseases?

There are various conditions for Rheumatology in Chennai affecting your immune system making it awry besides attacking your own tissues. 

Some of the conditions that can be expected for rheumatic diseases include:

Preventive Measures of Rheumatic Diseases

You have to undergo the preventive measures of Rheumatology in Chennai to overcome the rheumatic diseases from appearing or to treat the existing diseases such as

If you experience any symptoms for Rheumatology in Chennai like aching or stiff joints that won’t go away and interfere with your routine activities, visit the Hande Hospital and consult with the leading rheumatologist Dr. Ramesh who can help you feel better by diagnosing, managing, and providing aggressive medical attention for advanced rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Chennai.

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