Vascular Surgery and Vein Clinic

Hande Hospital provides advanced vascular surgery in Chennai and our team is supported by clinical pharmacologists, infectious disease specialists, clinical nutritionists, and intensive care units.

Vascular surgery is a procedure that treats diseases of the vascular system (arteries and veins, lymphatic circulation, etc.). Current procedures for treating arterial and venous disease are mainly performed using newer techniques such as angiography and stenting. These are minimally invasive (endovascular) vascular surgeries. These procedures have lower mortality rates and shorter hospital stays.

What Is Vascular Surgery?

Vascular Surgery is the careful specialty that spotlights on the vascular framework — veins, huge and little — as well as the lymphatic framework, which moves contamination battling white platelets through the body. It’s essential to take note of that vascular specialists for the most part don’t perform brain or heart systems.

Arteries diseases conditions that cause blockages or clots in the blood vessels can lead to pain when walking and severe rest pain. Common causes of arterial disease are smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, and long-standing hypertension.

Vein diseases are conditions such as abnormally dilated legs and ankles, swelling and discolouration of ankles and legs, and wounds/ulcers above the feet and ankles. Deep vein clots can form in the deep veins. This is called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). If the clots migrate into the lungs, it could be life-threatening.

Lymphatic diseases can cause massive swelling in the feet and legs, thickening and folding skin (called ‘Elephantiasis’). These disorders can be treated with medications, open surgery such as bypass procedures, or endovascular (laser and radiofrequency ablation) procedures

Vascular Surgery In Chennai

Vein Clinic

Veins are blood vessels that transport blood from the body to the heart. The connection between veins and arteries is called capillaries. Simply put, veins are blood vessels that carry blood from different body parts to the heart for recirculation. Varicose vein is a common disease that occurs to a lot of people nowadays.

What is Varicose Vein

Varicose vein refers to a condition where the normal veins don’t function as they should. Let’s take a closer look at it: Arteries transport oxygenated blood from the heart to various parts of the body (for example, Pressure is applied to the legs.

Transporting blood back into the heart requires most of the pressure from the heart pump to work. Veins don’t have the same support to carry blood to the heart. To counter the decreased pressure, there are small valves in your veins that can open and close to keep blood flowing in the right direction, back towards the heart.

These tiny valves can sometimes fail, allowing blood back up behind the valves. The vein walls weaken over time and the veins bulge. This is what causes varicose veins to appear as a raised, welt-like appearance. Spider veins are smaller than those of the other.

Varicose veins are most common in older people. However, significant weight gain can also cause them. Varicose veins can also be caused by prolonged sitting or standing, which puts more pressure on the veins than is normal.
Varicose veins can also be caused by genetic factors. Women are more likely than men to develop them. Varicose veins can also be caused by smoking and using hormonal replacements or oral contraceptives.

Vascular Surgery In Chennai

Hande Hospital vascular surgery department provides comprehensive care for adults and children with serious blood vessel and lymph system conditions. We have the ability to manage all aspects of the vascular system, including mesenteric, peripheral, and carotid diseases.

Our surgeons are skilled in working with specialists from many specialities such as neurology, interventional radiology, neurology, physiotherapy and cardiology to create a customized treatment plan that is tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

Patients have access to many treatment options, including open surgery (carotid Endarterectomy), to more advanced key-hole surgeries (atherectomy and endovascular aneurysm repairs EVAR, carotid arterial stenting, sclerotherapy) as well as laser treatments (endovenous Laser Therapy).

Our use of innovative techniques to treat complex aneurysms and varicose veins as well as venous ulcers, vascular malformations, and paediatric minimally invasive surgery are some of the most prominent in the city. The centre is known for its superior surgical results, which are comparable to international standards.

Vascular Surgery

Our multidisciplinary team provides expert, individualized care.

  • Vascular surgeons
  • Pediatric vascular surgeons
  • Interventional radiologists
  • Anaesthetists
  • Radiology technicians, nurses and physiotherapists who are well-trained

The vascular and vein clinic at Hande Medical Centre functions under the senior-most Vascular Surgeon in Tamilnadu –Prof. Vidyasagaran MS DNB MCH (Vascular Surgery) FICS. He also consults and operates on patients at Hande Hospital – Shenoy Nagar, Chennai.

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