Vascular Surgery and Vein Clinic

The speciality of Vascular Surgery deals with peripheral blood vessels – both arteries and veins. Doppler is an instrument to assess flow in these vessels. Reduced flow through the lower limb arteries causes limb pain starting with pain on exercise to pain at rest in severe cases and may ultimately lead to gangrene in rare cases. Smoking, diabetes and atherosclerosis are some of the predisposing causes.

Veins can become tortuous – varicose veins – or a small leash of vessels may dilate – spider nevi. The vascular and vein clinic at Hande Medical Centre functions under the senior most Vascular Surgeon in Tamilnadu – Prof.Vidyasagaran MS DNB MCH (Vascular Surgery) FICS. He also consults and operates on patients at Hande Hospital – Shenoy Nagar, Chennai.

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