Hande - State of the Art Operating Theatre full view

Operation Theatres

Hande Hospital has a State of the Art Operating Theatre complex. There a two major Operating Theatres and one Minor Operating Theatre. The Operation Theatres have LED and Halogen lights. Operating Tables are motorized with Kidney Bridge and Orthopedic attachment.

Multi Para monitors, Defibrillator, C – Arm, modern Boyle’s apparatus are available. A fully equipped Laparoscopic set up, Unipolar, Bipolar and Under water cutting diathermy along with LASER is available. HAL (Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation) with doppler for Piles Treatment is also available. Defibrillator is also standard.

Operation Theatres

A Labour room is attached to the Theatre complex with a modern motorized Labour Table. Infant monitors and Incubators are also available.

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