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In our busy schedule, an important thing that we take for granted is health. Master Health Check Up and Diabetes Clinic in chennai is not merely the absence of disease. An ailment or disease may be lurking, and we may be completely unaware of it. The trend today is not to wait for sickness and disease to strike and then start treatment, but to try and discover it early, before it shows itself.

For this, we have the Master Health Check up wherein a physician takes a detailed history and then the patient goes through important tests which include blood tests, Digital X-ray, ECG, ultrasound and doppler ultrasound etc. A stress ECG (Tread Mill Test) is performed for those who need the test.

The patient is also seen by a Gynaecologist and a Cardiologist in Chennai if the need arises. The status of the patient’s health is explained in simple language and preventive and curative steps are immediately undertaken. Various packages are available to suit individual patients.

Best Master Health Check Up and Diabetes Clinic in Chennai

Best Master Health Check Up and Diabetes Clinic Additional information

For a Master Health & Diabetic Check at Hande Hospital, please make a prior appointment with Sister –  +91 9841011390. For tests at Hande Medical Centre, please contact  +91 9962522667. On the day of the test please report on an empty stomach (No water or coffee / tea). For procedural details, and details regarding insurance matters please contact Mr. Gopi – +91 9840834865.

Please report at 8.15 AM . You will be guided through the test.

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