The laser therapy – a complete one-stop solution for Piles, Anal Fissures, Twisted veins, etc.

The laser therapy - a complete one-stop solution for Piles, Anal Fissures, Twisted veins, etc.

Table of Contents

  1. Laser Therapy
  2. Piles Treatment
  3. Solution for Twisted Veins (Varicose Vein) 

Laser Therapy:

There are many miracles happening in today’s medical field. One of them is the laser treatment. It is a precise surgical procedure performed using a powerful laser light.

What is laser therapy used for?

Laser therapy might be utilized to:

  • shrink or destroy cancers, polyps, or precancerous developments
  • free side effects from disease
  • eliminate kidney stones
  • eliminate part of the prostate
  • fix a withdrew retina
  • further develop vision
  • treat going bald coming about because of alopecia or maturing
  • treat torment, including back nerve torment

Piles Treatment:

The causes of haemorrhoids or pile surgery can be due to inflammation of the muscles and blood vessels in the anal area, taking longer time to pass stools, straining to pass stools, chronic constipation, obesity, drinking less water or staying dehydrated, avoiding fibre rich foods.

All these causes can be solved just by using the laser where a thin laser device is passed through the anus and blood vessels which are responsible for the source are closed. By this, there is no shrinkage or no bleeding. This surgical procedure through laser method is very accurate and it doesn’t affect any other areas.

Fissures are nothing but sores in the anus. Likewise, sometimes unwanted tube-like structures can also develop within the inner skin of the anus. If these are neglected, eventually, there are possibilities of pus formation which is called the Fistula. Laser treatment can also cure rectal ulcers.

In general, to treat the most common rectal problems, lasers are used because laser treatment is considered to be simple, fast and aids in quick recovery.

Laser Therapy

Solution for Twisted Veins (Varicose Vein): 

Due to the uneven blood flow, the blood vessels in the legs and thighs appear to be swollen and constricted. This condition is called varicose vein. 

Earlier, surgeries were performed to remove the affected blood vessels. But in recent years, laser treatment (EVLT) has proven to be effective in treating varicose veins.

During this treatment, a thin wire is inserted into a blood vessel and with the help of a laser, the weakened nerves are closed. The surgical procedure takes one hour to complete. The patient can see better results within a recovery time of 3 hours of post-operative procedure and engage in daily activities after a week. This laser treatment is considered to be a very safe treatment method as it has no risks or complications of side effects.

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