Top 8 Best Rheumatology Hospital in Chennai

Top 8 Best Rheumatology Hospital in Chennai

Rheumatology is a part of medical science that deals with arthritis, chronic pain of neck or back pain, or Lupus Rheumatic Disorders. Lack of treatment on time can affect your joints, muscles, and bones causing pain, swelling, and stiffness, and can lead to deformity.  A little negligence can dismantle your moving abilities and make you helpless and paralyzed. However, if you get proper care and treatment on time, it can be controlled. As we know that Chennai Is well known to be the medical hub of India, and has the best doctors. Here is a list of some hospitals with top-rated ratings in best rheumatology hospital in Chennai. Have a look here…

Hande Hospital

Are you searching for the best rheumatology hospitals in Chennai? Then, Hande Hospital is the reputed and best Rheumatology hospital in Chennai. It is one of the top-rated best rheumatology hospitals in Chennai where you will get the best treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and other related problems also with an affordable price of treatments and services. This Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA ) can be diagnosed with the help of some special tests including blood tests and imaging tests, which help to determine if the patient is affected by any kind of rheumatic disorder or not. If you are diagnosed with rheumatic disorder then immediately consult the best rheumatology doctor in Chennai, Hande Hospital.

They have experienced rheumatologists, who can treat you better in an effective way. Their skilled and qualified expert hands-on treatment of rheumatic disorder is very highly appraisable and estimable. Hande Hospital, have professional doctors who are known to be the best rheumatologist in Chennai. This hospital is equipped with the latest treatment facilities that have proven helpful in dealing with various types of rheumatic diseases including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sjögren’s syndrome, and Lupus among others.

Address: 44, Lakshmi Talkies Road, Shenoy Nagar

Top 8 Best Rheumatology Hospital in Chennai

VS Hospitals

VS Hospitals, being an esteemed rheumatology in Chennai, offers end-to-end rheumatic disorder solutions and gives them the right and adequate treatment so that their patient could restore their movability. Have fine-to-fine testing & best equipment facilities available that can give perfect treatment to their patients. Their well-experienced rheumatologist always relies on their innovative procedure so that they can be immense pain relief treatment to their patients.

This hospital is acclimated with advanced equipment so that there won’t have any problems while doing the procedure. VS Hospital is one of the best in all rheumatology hospitals in Chennai. Their doctors are super Good that’s why they are known to be the best rheumatologist in Chennai.

Address: #815/306, Poonamalle High Rd, Kilpauk

Rela MS Hospital

Rela MS Hospital is known to be an affordable and sophisticated hospital in rheumatology in Chennai. This hospital has an ultra-modern rheumatology ambiance with well equipped, and the patients who come here for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sjögren’s syndrome, and Lupus treatments are always satisfied with their successful and effective treatment solutions. Here in this,Hospital doctors are well-behaved and very friendly while doing the procedure, they support the patients and handle them very patiently and politely. 

This hospital has all comfort of ambiance where the patient could stay here while doing their procedure like a home. Getting here a homely feeling while the procedure is their main agenda!! 

Address: 4/833, GNT Road, Padiyanallur, Redhills, Chennai

Kamakshi Memorial Hospital

Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is one of the best rheumatology in Chennai. This hospital has experienced doctors who are widely knowledgeable in this specific field handling several types of Rheumatic Disorders very efficiently. Dr. Porkodi is one of the best rheumatologists in Chennai, working here. Having experience of 35 years in this field and giving the best care treatment to rheumatologist patients. 

Address: 1, Radial Road, Landmark: Opposite Cognizant Company, Chennai

The Arthritis & Rheumatism Care

The Arthritis & Rheumatism Care, rheumatology in Chennai is the only hospital built for arthritis and Rheumatoid patients. This hospital has best to best up-to-date treatment ambiance that can full fill the challenging problems of Arthritis and Rheumatoid patients. This hospital has knowledgeable doctors who perform their work dedicatedly to serving mankind and one of them is Dr. G. Rajasekhar, a graduate of Madras Medical College. 

Address: 3No 2 C, 86th Street 19th Avenue., Landmark: Bharat Petroleum Bunk, Chennai

APOLLO Hospital

APOLLO Hospital is the most reputed rheumatology in Chennai not only known in Chennai but all over India as well worldwide. Great for its sophisticated care in all departments, it is a multi-specialty hospital. Among all departments known best for rheumatology hospitals as well. The hospital has experienced doctors one of them is Dr. Bala Meena S. has 28 years in Rheumatology. Specialize in Rheumatism Treatment, Ankylosing Spondylitis Treatment, Arthritis Management, Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma), Psoriatic Arthritis, etc.

Address: 21, Greams Lane, Off Greams Road

Sakthi Hospital & Research Centre

Sakthi Hospital & Research Centre is forfeited to be the best rheumatology in Chennai.  A multi-specialist hospital in Chennai has so many departments among them rheumatology is one of them has the best ambiance for treating the patient coming with Psoriatic Arthritis Scleroderma Treatment Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Gout Gouty Arthritis, Polymyositis. This hospital gives one-to-one treatment to all at an affordable price, each & every pocket is to be saved here coming for the treatment. Dr. Hema is one of the best rheumatologists in Chennai, working here. Experience of 17 years in this field. Specializes in Rheumatology and is also a member of the Indian  Medical Association.

Address: #175, Big Street, Triplicane, Landmark: Near Sindhu Secondary School., Chennai

Apollo Speciality Hospital

 Apollo Speciality Hospital is dedicated and known for the best rheumatology in Chennai, serving its patent for more than a decade. Have ultra-modern and innovative equipment that is used in treating Rheumatologists’ patients. Patients who have issues of Psoriatic Arthritis Scleroderma, Lupus Erythematosus Gout Gouty Arthritis, Polymyositis, etc can come here to Apollo Speciality Hospital. Dr. Mathai Thomas will help the patient by giving the right treatment at the right time to regain their mobility chances. Have 19 years of experience in the field of Rheumatology and is great for his serving attitude toward the patients.

Address: 64, Ambattur Main Road, Landmark: Near Schram Academy, Chennai


If you have severe pain in your back, or neck or have any arthritis or Lupus, you can visit a Rheumatologist as soon as possible.  The ailments are easy to recover soon if you have been diagnosed at the first stage. Here is a list of top-rated hospitals which are known to be the best in rheumatology in Chennai. This blog surely it will be helpful for you a lot!! As health is a precious gift of life; it should be on the right track before going anything worse!!

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