Vascular Surgeon in Chennai

Vascular Surgeon in Chennai

A Vascular Surgeon in Chennai is well-trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or disorders pertaining to the vascular system. The vascular or circulatory system includes the arteries and veins (blood vessels), capillaries, and the lymphatic system, along with the heart and lungs.

We at Hande Hospital, are equipped with specialists to treat a range of health problems, besides life-threatening aneurysms, to help the patients manage the chronic conditions throughout their lives.

What is Vascular Surgery?

The circulatory system or vascular system is made up of arteries and veins. They do a very important job of transporting blood across the body. Sometimes, a blood clot develops or there is a buildup of plaque restricting blood flow. This blockage can lead to severe complications if left untreated.
Vascular surgery is a surgical sub-speciality that treats such problems in the vascular system.

What conditions does a Vascular Surgeon in Chennai treat?

A Vascular Surgeon in Chennai can treat many conditions that affect the blood vessels in any part of your body except your heart and brain. This can include:

Vascular Surgeon in Chennai

How does a Vascular Surgeon in Chennai diagnose vascular disease?

To start a diagnosis, the Vascular Surgeon will start conversing with you regarding your medical/ family history, lifestyle, and symptoms, after which, a physical exam is held. The Vascular Surgeon in Chennai may also order additional tests depending on your condition or disorder. This includes:

  • Ankle brachial index, is used to check the severity of PAD. During this particular test, your blood pressure will be measured in both your arms and your ankles, then it is compared.
  • Ultrasound is then used to diagnose other conditions. This test will make use of the sound waves to capture pictures of your blood vessels. It is also commonly used to diagnose carotid artery disease, aneurysms, and varicose veins.

How does the Vascular Surgeon treat the vascular disease?

The treatment plans developed by a Vascular Surgeon in Chennai fits each and every patient’s needs based on your condition, that includes:

  • Lifestyle changes, that can be like quitting smoking, getting more active, and consuming healthy foods
  • Taking medications that lower the risk of blood clots
  • Catheter-based procedures, like:
    • Ablation, which closes damaged blood vessels safely
    • Angioplasty, where a balloon is used to open up blocked arteries and veins
    • Stenting, where a tube of metal mesh is used to hold an artery or open vein to allow for healthy blood flow
  • Compression therapy, which uses special stockings to manage symptoms like pain, swelling and increased blood flow
  • Sclerotherapy, or injections to close spider veins and varicose veins safely.
  • Thrombolysis, which dissolves dangerous blood clots either through injections or by using a catheter
  • Surgery to repair or remove the diseased or damaged blood vessels

Before you schedule an appointment with a Vascular Surgeon in Chennai, write down your symptoms, the medications, and queries you have for the treatment. It’s always a good idea to take notes so that you can remember what your surgeon told you regarding the details related to the treatment.

And, if you need your Vascular Surgeon at Hande Hospital to explain something or in a simpler way, we will assist you better because it is very important for you to understand your condition and treatment options.

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