Best Dermatologist in Chennai

By Hande Hospitals

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1. Dr. N. Murali 2. Dr. Charanya  3. Dr. Ashiq Mohamed 4. Dr. Renita Rajan 5. Dr. Col Rajagopal A 6. Dr. Amudha 7. Dr Deepthi Motiram 8. Dr. Saravanan.B.N 9. Dr. R. Prabhakar  10. Dr. Hema Anandhi



The Best Dermatologist In Chennai

Dr. N. Murali is a leading Dermatologist in Chennai, He is a specialist in all diseases of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails.  He is also a Cosmetologist for dermabrasion, wart excision, and hair and scalp treatments.


Dr. N. Murali


Dr. Charanya is regarded as the best dermatologist in Chennai. She is associated with Soul Skin Clinic in the healthcare industry.  She has highly acclaimed fellowships in hair transplantation and has dealt with a wide spectrum of skin care treatments.


Dr. Charanya 


Dr. Ashiq Mohamed


Dr. Ashiq Mohamed is the best dermatologist in Chennai who is working at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics.  He has a huge experience in the field of dermatology to bring successful results in his special treatments .


Dr. Renita Rajan is a renowned cosmetic dermatologist in Chennai working at Render Skin & Hair.  She firmly believes to give her results natural by following certain ethics that is by giving honest answers regarding your skin, hair, and body concerns.

Dr. Renita Rajan



Dr. Col Rajagopal is one of the best dermatologists in Chennai associated with the Apollo Hospitals.  He is an expert in handling the treatments like derma filling, breast augmentation, body sculpting, etc.

Dr. Col Rajagopal


Open Hands

Dr. Amudha is a consultant at Fortis Malar Hospital, Lifeline hospital, and Adyar hospital.  She is dedicated to providing quality patient care making her the best dermatologist in Chennai.


Dr. Amudha


Dr Deepthi Motiram is the best dermatologist in Chennai.  She is a consultant in the Prashanth Super Specialty Hospitals and Kaya Skin Clinic. 



Dr. Deepthi Motiram

Dr. B. N. Saravanan is one of the best dermatologists in Chennai besides being a venereologist and cosmetologist at the Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital. 



Dr. B. N. Saravanan

He is one of the best dermatologists in Chennai working at the royal skin & cosmetic clinic.  He is an expert in cosmetic dermatology who handles treatments by taking care of all the skin needs from ailments to enhancements 



Dr. R. Prabhakar 

Dr. Hema Anandhi treats people with her advanced treatments.  This best dermatologist in Chennai is working at Helios Hospitals Private Ltd.



Dr. Hema Anandhi

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