Best Pulmonologists in Chennai

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Best Pulmonologists in Chennai:

Pulmonology is a department of medical science that treats diseases involving the respiratory tract.  Due to the rampant rise of air pollution in our country.

Dr. V. Arun Babu:

Dr. V. Arun Babu holds a degree in MD and is the best pulmonologist in Chennai working at Hande Hospital.  He is experienced enough in the fields of medicine.

Dr. Ilangho R P:

Dr. Ilangho R P is a renowned & best pulmonologist in Chennai. Working as a senior consultant in respiratory medicine at Apollo Hospital.

Dr. Prasanna Kumar Thomas:

Dr. Thomas is one of the best pulmonologist in Chennai supporting as a consultant- pulmonology.  He has achieved many degrees such as  MBBS, DTCD, and MD tuberculosis

Dr. A. S. Natarajan:

He is the best pulmonologist in Chennai, paving his effort to be a senior consultant pulmonology at Vijaya Health Care, Chennai.  Achieved 31 years of experience in this field.

Dr. V. Gangadharan:

Dr. Gangadharan is a consultant in pulmonology at VeeCare Hospital, Anna Nagar. He holds degrees in MBBS, MD, and DTCD.  He has gained much esteem and is noted to be a praised

Dr. Ragulan:

Dr. Ragulan working as a dedicated pulmonologist at Prashanth Super Specialty Hospital.  He has 10 years of experience in treating all lung infections like T.B., pneumonia, etc.

Dr. Vengada Krishnaraj:

He is one of the finest and best pulmonologist in Chennai.  He is currently working in Chest Care Speciality Clinic.  He gained 19 years of experience and holds a degree in (DTCD).

Dr. Sathish Kumar:

Dr. Sathish Kumar is one of the finest Pulmonologists in Velachery, Chennai.  During his 8-year profession, he has made his patients happy by giving them effective treatment solutions.

Dr. Bindu T:

She has 15 years of experience in this field, working at Xcellent Care Hospital.  She holds a degree in MBBS, MD.  She is one of the finest pulmonologist doctors.

Dr. Abaranam I:

She is highly experienced and specialized in treating conditions like Asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, lung infections, and respiratory diseases.  She holds degrees in MBBS and DTCD.

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