Best Skin Specialists in Chennai

By Hande Hospitals

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Our experts at the Dermatology & Cosmetology department at Hande Medical Centre promise to offer quality medical, surgical and cosmetic care nurtured with empathy.  



Best Skin Specialists in Chennai

He specializes in Acne, Acne scars, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Warts and Skin Tags, Vitiligo, Hair loss, and Nail disorders.  Hair Transplantation is also performed here.   


Best Skin Specialists in Chennai


Start loving your skin


Healthy skin and beautiful appearance symbolize health, self-nurture and give a sense of confidence.  The skin deserves to be cared for with the right nutrients because it is the largest organ of the body to sustain optimal health. 


Authentic skincare treatments are the uniqueness of Hande Medical Centre making it top-notch from others.   with the quickest and non-surgical procedures aimed at total skin rejuvenation, repair and anti-ageing. 

Rediscover your beauty



Dr. Murali MD is the best skin specialist in Chennai. He along with the other doctors use proprietary technologies for the analysis and evaluation of your skin health.  

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We have our qualified team of the best skin specialists in Chennai for skin ailments besides general practitioners, and specialists in all types of skin and hair problems from young to old age.  


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