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Persons who are taking high intake of animal protein and reduced intake of water and those  with obstruction to have residual urine and urinary system drainage are more prone to get kidney stone disease.



Kidney stone disease

Kidneys are usually the bean-shaped organs that are found in the lower abdomen to remove excess waste products from the human body and purify the blood. 



Kidney cancer

Prostate cancer


The prostate gland produces the seminal fluid to nourish and support the sperm.  Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men compared to females. 


The prostate gland is a walnut-sized gland that forms the part of the male reproductive system.  It is made of two lobes that get enclosed by an outer layer of tissue. 

Prostate enlargement


When there is discomfort in passing urine, increased urinary frequency, urgency, lower abdominal pain, and back pain, urinary tract infection occurs. 

Urinary Tract infection


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The urinary bladder is a balloon-shaped organ in the pelvis area which has the main function to store urine.  When the cells lining the inner part of the bladder turn malignant, it causes urinary bladder cancer.


Urinary Tract infection

The urologist in Chennai states that treatment alone is not enough for all the infections or diseases relating to the male reproductive system. 

What does the urologist in Chennai suggest?



We at Hande Hospital have an expert team of urologists, skilled nurses, and medical staff who are dedicated to supporting and enhancing the patient experience at various levels.


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