Hernia Surgery

Hernia Surgery, some hernia symptoms, Causes of hernia, Is hernia dangerous ? and Is hernia curable?

Hernia Surgery:

Hernia is a condition which is most frequently encountered in the abdomen or around the groin where a tissue or an organ squeezes and breaks through a weak.

What is a hernia?

A hernia is the projection of an organ through the design or muscle that generally contains it.   The condition happens most frequently in the stomach wall.

A common symptom of most hernias is a noticeable lump or bulge, and potentially some discomfort or pain.  

Causes of hernia:





Surgery which weakens the muscles.

Damage from surgery or injury.

Failure of the abdominal wall (congenital defect).

Persistent sneezing or coughing.

Yes, hernia is absolutely dangerous if it is not addressed adequately because in some cases hernias cease from growing but it won’t get smaller.  

Is hernia dangerous?

Usually, a hernia does not get cured without surgical procedure.  Non-surgical treatments such as wearing a binder, corset or truss. 

Is hernia curable? 

These methods can ease the pain or discomfort but it cannot be completely cured. This can just provide a temporary relief but surgery is the only treatment for curing hernia.

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