Physiotherapy in Chennai

By Hande Hospitals

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The physiotherapy department usually treats patients of all ages who are suffering from pain, having postural issues, undergoing stiffness of joints, malalignment of the body, and other chronic musculoskeletal issues effectively. 

What is physiotherapy?


We maintain an excellent track record of treating both the elite and recreational sports persons besides the normal patients, where a majority of our patients see the best results by getting treated here within a short span of time.


Benefits of physiotherapy in Chennai

Benefits of physiotherapy in Chennai


* Efficient management to    control pain * Comprehensive   rehabilitation and      speedy   recovery

* Optimal range of motion    for the knee and joint * Regaining stability and    mobility to renew your    confidence

Benefits of physiotherapy in Chennai


– Physiotherapy – Occupational Therapy – Audiology and Speech    Therapy – Orthopaedic       Physiotherapy – Cardiac Rehabilitation – Neurological Rehabilitation – Sports Medicine

Our Subspecialtie 


A state-of-the-art Physiotherapy along with Rehabilitation Centre is available at Hande Hospitals. 

Technology adopted by us


The physiotherapists here constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care and strive to introduce new and advanced techniques for treatment.


Technology adopted by us

– Cervical & lumbar traction – Short wave diathermy – Ultrasonic therapy – Microwave diathermy – Electronic traction – Manual traction

The key procedures and techniques of physiotherapy


– Moist heat therapy – Interferential therapy – Infrared ray – Laser treatment – Iontophoresi – Electric muscle   stimulation


The key procedures and techniques of physiotherapy

With Physiotherapy sessions at Hande Hospitals, the patients can be stress-free about recovery and security. 

Highly customized with results-driven service


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