Piles Causes & Symptom

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Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are natural cushions of tissue and veins located at the junction of the rectum and anus.

What are piles?


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yes, the enlarged cushions are classified into four grades, depending on their size and severity.

Are there different types of Piles?


Straining during bowel movements or very hard stool 2.Pregnancy  Weakening of the tissue in old age  An unhealthy lifestyle (lack of exercise, bad eating habits, alcohol, etc can all lead to haemorrhoidal disease

Piles Causes


Haemorrhoids may often be quite painless and can even go quite unnoticed by the person affected. Other sufferers may experience any or all of the following symptoms.

Symptoms of Piles


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Bleeding during bowel movements.  Usually in the form of bright red blood.

Symptoms #1


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Swelling protruding from the anus.  In some cases, the haemorrhoids might feel like small lumps in the anus and project from the back passage only after straining on the toilet

Symptoms #2


Itching and discharge.  Haemorrhoids can cause skin irritation and intense itching

Symptoms #3


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Dull pain.  In isolated instances haemorrhoids may cause dull pain.

Symptoms #3


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The earlier you seek advice and a thorough diagnosis, the better the chances are that symptoms can be cured with minimal discomfort.

Piles Prevention


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