Plastic Surgery in Chennai

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In the medical field, Plastic surgery deals with reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Reconstructive surgery is done for rectifying the issues related to any loss of skin, loss of external structures, or genetic deformities. 



Plastic Surgery in Chennai

There are multiple specializations within the field of plastic surgery. Some plastic surgeons in Chennai specialize in cleft lip and palate rectification.  


Specializations of Plastic Surgery in Chennai


Difference between Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery


Reconstructive surgery is indicated for the patients who would be the victims of substantial or significant accidents especially when the impact gets clearly visible either on the face or skin or both. 


Our renowned plastic surgeons in Chennai are experts who hold a lot of success stories of handling various surgical cosmetic procedures for the overall body.  

Treatments offered at Hande Hospital



Just like any type of surgery, your body may have certain changes like hormonal change or fluctuation in the level of blood pressure. But it is very essential to prepare yourself at least about two to three weeks before the operation date is scheduled with the plastic surgeon in Chennai. 

What has to be done before plastic surgery in Chennai?


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Even if your surgery is over, you have to consult with your plastic surgeon in Chennai until he recommends you restore to normal activities.   You have to calm your jitters by intaking a healthy diet that has a rich content of proteins. Consume more fruits and vegetables.  


Consulting your doctor after the treatment


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