Top Gastroenterologist in Chennai

By Hande Hospitals

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Prof. Dr. P. Ganesh Dr. G. Ram Kumar Dr. K. R. Palaniswamy Dr. Mohammed Ali Dr. P. Radhakrishnan



Top Gastroenterologist in Chennai 

Prof. Dr. P. Ganesh is a top gastroenterologist in Chennai who is currently associated with Hande Hospitals with an expertise of 24 years in the field of medical gastroenterology and therapeutic endoscopy.  His area of specialization is hepatology. 


Prof. Dr. P. Ganesh


Dr. G. Ram Kumar


Dr. G. Ram Kumar is a talented Gastroenterologist who is considered as the top gastroenterologist in Chennai.   He is a consultant at Handes Hospitals at present. His main areas of interest are to treat fatty liver, viral hepatitis, and IBS.  

Dr. K. R. Palaniswamy ranks among the top Gastroenterologist in Chennai with an experience of over 35 years.   He is currently working at Apollo Hospitals with specialization in treating gastro and liver related diseases.  

Dr. K. R. Palaniswamy



Dr. Mohammed Ali is listed among the top Gastroenterologist in Chennai working as a consultant at VS Hospitals and Billroth Hospitals at present.  He has three decades of experience in medical practice and teaching Medical Gastroenterology.  

Dr. Mohammed Ali


Open Hands

Dr. P. Radhakrishnan is one of the senior most surgical and top gastroenterologists in Chennai.  He has experience in handling surgeries for gastrointestinal bleeding, pancreatic surgery, hepato biliary surgery, colorectal surgery, emergency abdominal surgery refined with his skills.  


Dr. P. Radhakrishnan


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