Master Health Check Up and Diabetes Clinic

Master Health Check-Up and Diabetes Clinic

Master health check-up and diabetes clinics are highly recommended for individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes. At Hande Hospital, being the leading diabetic hospital in Chennai, the team of experts keep a track of their diabetic status and also provide screening for common complications such as eyesight problems, cardiac and liver problems, kidney failure, and nerve diseases along with some other health issues like the vitamin deficiencies and blood toxicities.

Full body check-up diabetes patients should have regular tracking of diabetes and other related conditions else it will be critical for receiving an adequate treatment regimen.

What to expect in a Master health check-up and diabetes clinic?

There are many measures taken in a diabetes clinic to prepare for a master health check-up. Your healthcare partner will provide a list of pre-test preparations with various tests to support the check-up with optimum effectiveness for full-body check-up diabetes patients.

If an individual finds it crucial if you notice something unusual about your body before visiting the Master health check-up and diabetes clinic, make it a point to discuss it with your doctor before the check-up. A master health check-up test can help the physicians to detect early signs of any complicated diseases and appropriate treatment will be provided.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus, normally alluded to just as diabetes, is a metabolic illness that causes high glucose.

The chemical insulin moves sugar from the blood into your cells to be put away or utilized for energy. With diabetes, your body either doesn’t make sufficient insulin or can’t successfully utilize the insulin it makes.

General health check-up tests

The exact tests taken in the master health check-up and diabetes clinic can vary depending on a patient’s medical history and doctor recommendations. But it is advisable for the patients to go to the diabetic hospital in Chennai for any of these tests, where your doctor may ask you a comprehensive list of questions to get a brief idea about your general health. The questions for the full body check-up diabetes patients can be grouped into:

Master Health Check-Up and Diabetes Clinic

Medical History:

If you have taken previous tests, the results will be updated in your medical records. They may include pap tests, cholesterol, and blood tests where your doctor will first refer to before ordering further tests. In the diabetic clinic, you will also be asked about your family’s health history for detecting any hereditary diseases.

Normal body functions:

In a master health check-up and diabetes clinic, your doctor will surely question you about your routine activities such as eating, sleeping, and bowel movements. Based on the preliminary exam, he/she will recommend further tests. This master health check-up list includes blood, x-rays, urine tests, and ultrasounds. While the exact tests are taken, you will be asked to undergo additional tests that are usually administered by physicians as part of the health check-up package


For full body check-up diabetes, patients’ lifestyle can have a major impact on their health, they will be asked several questions such as living conditions, work-life balance, and level of physical activity.

Physical exam: 

This is a basic clinical examination in the diabetic hospital in Chennai

where the weight, height, BMI, and blood pressure measurements are taken.

Blood tests: 

It is an important part of a master health check-up to detect infectious diseases, anemia and debilitating diseases.

Liver and kidney function:

In the master health check-up and diabetes clinic, these tests are usually performed to ensure the organs has a proper function and to identify any potential diseases causing problems if left untreated.

Blood sugar:

In the Master Health Check-up, potential diabetes or prediabetes conditions are identified as an early detection to prevent the onset of the disease if you make drastic simple lifestyle changes during the early stages.

An X-RAY and ECG: 

This test is taken in the Diabetes Clinic to monitor vital functions of your body like the heart, lungs, chest and also to check the uniformity of the heartbeat. This can detect signs of dangerous chest/ respiratory infections, cardiac disorders.

Urine test: It is a valuable indicator to assess the overall health providing information based on the full-body check-up of diabetes patients’ metabolic health, renal health, fever, and even cancer.

For a Master Health & Diabetic Check at Hande Hospital, please make a prior appointment with Sister –   +91 9841011390

For tests at Hande Medical Centre, please contact  +91 9962522667. On the day of the test please report on an empty stomach (No water or coffee/tea).

For procedural details, and details regarding insurance matters please contact Mr. Gopi –   +91 9840834865.
Please report at 8.15 AM. You will be guided through the test.

In our busy schedules, an important thing that we take for granted is health. Health is not merely the absence of disease. An ailment or disease may be lurking, and we may be completely unaware of it. The trend today is not to wait for sickness and disease to strike and then start treatment, but to try and discover it early before it shows itself.

For this, we have the Master Health Check-up wherein a physician takes a detailed history, and then the patient goes through important tests which include blood tests, X-ray, ECG, ultrasound, etc. A stress ECG (Tread Mill Test) is performed for those who need the test.

The patient is also seen by a Gynaecologist and a Cardiologist if the need arises. The status of the patient’s health is explained in simple language and preventive and curative steps are immediately undertaken. Various packages are available to suit individual patients.

Advantages of a Master Health Checkup

A master health checkup is fundamental for each grown-up beyond 25 years old. Finishing this intermittently can assist you with living a more drawn out, better and more joyful life.

To review your general wellbeing, the specialist can refresh your clinical records to mirror your ongoing wellbeing and counsel fittingly which can assist with dealing with your wellbeing better.

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