Physiotherapy in Chennai

Physiotherapy in Chennai

Hande Hospital is unique from all other physiotherapy practices by providing the best physiotherapy in Chennai.

We have earned a reputation for providing extensive care with the help of highly trained and experienced physiotherapists, therapists, and qualified rehabilitation specialists who are specialized in manual therapy, strength training, endurance training, mobilization, ergonomic advice, balance training, fitness training, and many other sophisticated techniques.

Our focus is patient-centered, to provide the best of treatments in an ambiance to create a warm and healing environment.

We continually analyze and revise individualized programs in order to better assist our patients to get proper physiotherapy in Chennai to achieve their goals. We are personally available 24/7 to our patients to aid them through their treatment program, besides communicating with their doctors or any other treatment providers.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is given by a well experienced physical therapist to help the patients to get correct posture and alignment as he provides strengthening exercises, by using various methods like heat, ice, electrical stimulation, and various other measures to help them ease the pain or discomfort in the joints and prevent a recurrence. It is a vital part of post-surgery rehabilitation.

The physiotherapy department usually treats patients of all ages who are suffering from pain, having postural issues, undergoing stiffness of joints, malalignment of the body, and other chronic musculoskeletal issues effectively. 

physiotherapy in Chennai

Benefits of physiotherapy in Chennai

We maintain an excellent track record of treating both the elite and recreational sports persons besides the normal patients, where a majority of our patients see the best results by getting treated here within a short span of time.

Some benefits of getting the best physiotherapy in Chennai include the following:

  •  Efficient management to control pain
  •  Comprehensive rehabilitation and speedy recovery
  •  Optimal range of motion for the knee and joints
  •  Regaining stability and mobility to renew your confidence
  •  Improved efforts leading to tolerance and reduced dependence
  •  Improvement in balance and coordination
  •  Lesser dependency on others and better lifestyle

Our Subspecialties

Technology adopted by us

A state-of-the-art Physiotherapy along with Rehabilitation Centre is available at Hande Hospitals. Our center has a team of highly qualified physiotherapists to aid the patients with the best physiotherapy in Chennai by providing them with top-quality and customized treatment in a peaceful environment.

The physiotherapists here constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care and strive to introduce new and advanced techniques for treatment.

Physiotherapy in Chennai

The key procedures and techniques of physiotherapy in Chennai:

The Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation at Hande Hospitals provide expert treatment on:

  • Cervical & lumbar traction
  • Short wave diathermy
  • Ultrasonic therapy
  • Microwave diathermy
  • Electronic traction
  • Manual traction
  • Moist heat therapy
  • Interferential therapy
  • Infrared rays
  • Laser treatment
  • Iontophoresis
  • Electric muscle stimulation

When would it be advisable for me to go see a physiotherapist?

Ponder getting physiotherapy assuming you have a physical issue, or ongoing agony that influences how you capability regular. A specialist might allude you to physiotherapy after medical procedure like a hip substitution, or an occasion, for example, a respiratory failure or stroke.
On the off chance that you are intending to utilize health care coverage to assist with taking care of the expense of physiotherapy, make sure to visit your insurance agency’s site to guarantee the physiotherapist is covered. In the event that the physiotherapist isn’t covered by that insurance agency you can not utilize your advantages and should pay the full expense of treatment.

Highly customized with results-driven services

With Physiotherapy sessions at Hande Hospitals, the patients can be stress-free about recovery and security. Although all our physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced, they are permitted to come ‘onboard’ only after thorough background checks.

Each and every patient’s physio procedures are well-instructed, tailor-made, and validated by our senior orthopaedist who is specialized in all types of healthcare. The primary focus of our physiotherapy in Chennai is to help the patients both young and old to reclaim their lives and live at the fullest leading a healthy lifestyle.

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