Plastic Surgery in Chennai

Plastic Surgery in Chennai

In the medical field, Plastic surgery deals with reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Reconstructive surgery is done for rectifying the issues related to any loss of skin, loss of external structures, or genetic deformities. On the other hand, Cosmetic surgery helps in beautifying the normal physical structure or appearance, in order to defy the impact of age.

The Plastic Surgery in Chennai at Hande Hospital focuses mainly on aesthetic surgeries based on the requirements of the patient, besides extensive or minor reconstructive surgeries. It is a subspecialty of surgery that involves reconstruction, restoration, or alteration of a body part.

What is plastic surgery?

It’s a typical misconception that the word plastic in plastic medical procedure implies counterfeit. The word comes from the old Greek word plastikos, and that means to shape or give structure. Plastic medical procedure is a careful specialty engaged with both the improvement in an individual’s appearance and the remaking of facial and body tissue surrenders brought about by disease, injury, or birth problems.

Specializations of Plastic Surgery in Chennai

Plastic Surgery in Chennai

There are multiple specializations within the field of plastic surgery. Some plastic surgeons in Chennai specialize in cleft lip and palate rectification. Others are specialized in craniofacial surgery, burn care & reconstruction, hand surgery & microsurgery, and cosmetic surgery.

The cleft lip and palate are the most common and visible physical congenital deformities. We offer multidisciplinary care for plastic surgery in Chennai because it is very much required to tackle the appearance, speech issues, or dental clefts of infants and children.

We at Hande Hospital are well-equipped with all types of advanced treatments and facilities for safe handling of all plastic surgery procedures to treat patients with comprehensive care.

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Difference between Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery

Reconstructive surgery is indicated for the patients who would be the victims of substantial or significant accidents especially when the impact gets clearly visible either on the face or skin or both.

Cosmetic surgery mainly deals with non-surgical procedures which include filler, Botox, and resurfacing to enhance or improve the patient’s facial appearance.

Treatments offered at Hande Hospital

Our renowned plastic surgeons in Chennai are experts who hold a lot of success stories of handling various surgical cosmetic procedures for the overall body. For instance, Liposuction is done to improve the shape of the body but it should not be mistaken that treatment is for persons with obesity.

Tummy tuck surgeries are performed to remove excess tummy skin. Gynecomastia is most common among males who opt for plastic surgery in Chennai like liposuction and gland excision to reduce the enlarged breasts.  

There are also various surgical procedures where our plastic surgeon in Chennai holds dexterity in performing surgeries for the eyelids, nose, and cheeks to change the shape of the face. Other procedures like Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Thigh surgery, Vaginal rejuvenation, etc also have developed high-end credibility among the patients.

We consult with our patients in person by getting to know their expectations and apprehensions regarding the type of surgery and we recommend them for a suitable treatment based on their condition or thorough analysis and then treat them accordingly.

Reconstructive plastic surgery

In general, reconstructive surgery is done on abnormal structures of the body that may be caused by:

  • Trauma
  • Infection
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Congenital (present at birth) anomalies
  • Disease
  • Tumors

This type of surgery is usually done to improve function, but may also be done to change appearance.

What has to be done before plastic surgery in Chennai?

Just like any type of surgery, your body may have certain changes like hormonal changes or fluctuations in the level of blood pressure. But it is very essential to prepare yourself at least about two to three weeks before the operation date is scheduled with the plastic surgeon in Chennai.

You must stop smoking or drinking if you are addicted to it. Smoking may inhibit the ability of the body to heal or recover quickly following cosmetic or plastic surgery in Chennai. Drinking alcohol before the surgery may make you more susceptible to bleeding before, during, or after the surgery. 

Consulting your doctor after the treatment

Even if your surgery is over, you have to consult with your plastic surgeon in Chennai until he recommends you restore to normal activities. You have to calm your jitters by intaking a healthy diet that has a rich content of proteins. Consume more fruits and vegetables. 

It is always recommended to consult your surgeon regarding the list of medications you are currently taking for helping them to provide appropriate treatment. By preparing well in advance for plastic surgery in Chennai, the operation will go smoothly and your recovery time will be as minimal as possible.

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